Compost Report – July 3


Below is Bob’s Compost Report. We now have compost available. Remember, the honor system of 2 bucket limit. In 2 weeks, there will be another bin ready to go. Please continue to put all HEALTHY greens that you clip onto the compost heap. It would be helpful if you clip them to small compostable pieces first then put on the heap……

One of our garden members reminded me that our Master Gardener, Yvonne Savio recommends that we DO NOT put tomato plants into the compost heap.  So…put all tomato plants that you pull or trim into the trash bin.

Now that I’m on a roll…For those of you who’s beautiful bounty is spilling out onto the pathways, please trim and put cuttings into the compost.
For those of us that don’t know what to do with all of the veggies that are growing, you can place on the picnic table every Saturday morning and early Tuesday Mornings for our Abundance Committee Chairs, Rosamond Rodman and Dena Brummer to take to “Friends in Deed” food bank.


We accomplished a lot today. That is thanks to Rosamond, Wendy, Stella and Christina. A special thanks to all the garden members who came by and brought a variety of greens from their gardens to use for compost. That really helps.

We have a large amount of compost available (two buckets limit). In two weeks we will have another bin finished so all the additional greens will come in handy. We encourage garden members to bring more as they cut back their vegetation and remove plants that have run the course.

We are in the garden every Saturday morning beginning at 8 AM. Everyone is welcome. There is always much to do.

Tales from the Compost Production Committee

By:  Bob Ridley, Compost Captain

A lot accomplished at the Saturday, April 21st Earth Day Celebration.  Wendy and I got there first.  I finished off the straining of the old bin (lots of compost available) and then we started a new bin.  Rhonda arrived and started chopping greens.  She was assisted by Mary who was there as part of the work day.  We also had the services of two students from Ribet Academy, Bobby and Harry.  So we transferred the oldest bin (it’s not quite ready yet) and then transferred and added to the two newer bins.

That leaves for next week the possibility that the oldest bin might be ready to strain. As far as I know Melanie and I might be there alone.  If that is the case we will postpone straining the old bin until the following Saturday when we will have more folks.  Thanks to the chopping ladies we have a huge supply of green stuff that is ready to use.  In addition, there is an ENORMOUS pile of greens waiting to be chopped – many of them are small and thin and might be used without chopping.  And, thanks to our two students and Rosamond we have several barrels of mulch in the composting area thus eliminating the necessity of trekking over to the mulch pile every time we need to add brown stuff.  What we are very low on is stable sweepings so we might have to make a run next Saturday.

Thanks to everyone for your help and hope you can make it next Saturday, and, most important HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY.