About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

Pasadena Community Gardens is dedicated to developing community gardens in Pasadena so residents can:

  • Plant vegetables, fruits, and flowers
  • Transform abandoned, vacant properties into attractive and beneficial edible community gardens
  • Learn about the benefits of sustainable, eco-friendly gardening and preservation of these gardens for generations to come
  • Participate in educational opportunities that promote health and well-being

Our History - Trace Our Roots

On a cool, sunny Saturday morning in January of 2010, a group of 12 Pasadena citizens came together over a shared vision: to start a community garden. What was clear at the time was that:

    • There were no public community gardens in Pasadena.
    • There was a need and desire for community gardens in Pasadena.
    • There were many vacant properties in Pasadena that could serve as a community garden.
    • The City of Pasadena was on record as wanting community gardens.
    • It was up to us to take action — to organize and to create a community garden that would serve as a model for others who wished to create additional community gardens in neighborhoods throughout Pasadena.

How To “Become A Member" 

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