Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can participate in the garden?

Those who sign up through the Pasadena Community Gardens and agree to its by-laws will, based on available space, be considered for membership.

What if a site is close to homes?
That’s all the better since many participants will be able to walk or bike to the site.

Will the gardens create additional traffic and parking problems?
No, it should not cause additional traffic and parking problems because the garden is only for members, not the general public, and members will tend to their plots at different times during the day.

What will the gardens look like?
Each garden will be designed by a landscape architect specifically for that area and reflect the style of the immediate neighborhood. Each garden will be attractively fenced. Flowers and fruit trees will be planted around the perimeter, and all tools will be stored within a structure on site.

Will the gardens be eco-friendly?
No, it should The gardens will employ organic or natural gardening techniques and feature plants suited to the Southern California/Mediterranean climate. A master gardener will be consulted to help us meet our eco-friendly needs.

Who decides what to plant?
A master gardener and our steering committee have identified plants and vegetables that will do well in the local climate. Individual participants can choose from this master list.

Will the gardens attract the homeless?
Open land, not a community garden, attracts the homeless. The gardens will be fenced and locked each evening to ensure the neighborhood will be safe.

Will the gardens be open all day and night?
No. The gardens will open during daylight hours for members only to tend to their plots and immediate neighbors to enjoy.

Will the gardens attract animals?
The garden will attract beneficial insects, bugs and birds, such as hummingbirds and bees. Fencing and use of mulch and natural plant-partnering techniques will serve as natural deterrents for larger animals.

Are there rules?
Yes. Each member must agree to follow the bylaws. Our by-laws have been adapted from the by-laws of the very successful Altadena Community Garden, which has served the community for 30 years.

Will the members share their bounty with the community?
Yes. As is the practice for most community gardens, we intend to share the excess bounty with those who are less fortunate. We are now identifying local organizations that serve those in need.